We would like to acknowledge & thank both Jim Sanders & Sandy Wagner for their hard work & dedication that helped bring all the local artist’s unique art pieces embrassing our walls & for supporting our mission to bring true artistry to our dining room for guests to enjoy.

Mosaic wall art of city skyline

Credit to gentleman and scholar,
Jim Sanders,
for this Manhattan Skyline!

Wall art with Artisan 179 logo centered surrounded by various drawings of people and cookware on wall

We would like to give credit and thanks to the lovely
Sandy Wagner
for all her time drawing each of our employees! Please take a look on your way up to the
Rhino Room!

Local Artists on Exhibit: Artwork that is on display is available for purchase!

Marilee Shepard
Joyce Eesley
Tony Melchoir
Jim Sanders
Sandy Wagner
Lee Appleby
Joe Yang
Alisa Kenas
Jeanine Gaynor
Danea O’Dell