The Artisans

Artisan 179 is more than a place to eat; we’re a home for all likes of artistry. We view food as an art: every dish is passionately handcrafted by our Chefs for your enjoyment. Each bite is, as we intend, a new delight and taste-fulfilling experience. Furthermore, our creative drinks have been devised and perfected by our experienced mixologists for your pleasure. Though we take great pride in our culinary expertise, there is still much more to the Artisan 179 experience. In fact, there are several ways with which we like to express art to our guests; our restaurant is the venue, and its atmosphere is contributed to by the many local artists and musicians that have talents to express and share: the artisans.

Learn more about our artists and musicians below!

Stairwell with Artisan wall logo and various art pieces on the wall

It should serve as no secret why Artisan 179 has become a staple of Lake Country dining. Ideally, a complete dining experience should be fundamentally fulfilling and exciting; all too often, we lose sight of this and dine out only to feed ourselves. We eat, but do not taste. Artisan 179 is able to not only recapture the excitement of what a dining experience should be, but expand it into something playful and fun. It serves as a testament that a plate of food can, in fact, bear the same emotional weight as any traditional means of artistry.

Beyond its perfect presentation, the first taste feels no different than viewing a striking painting, or listening to a profound classical melody for the first time. It’s utterly refreshing to be able to create this experience in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Artisan 179 is clearly a love and passion for all involved and is certain to keep me returning again and again!”

Samuel M.
New Berlin, WI


During your visit to Artisan 179, you may meet one of our many talented performers! Some of our resident musicians are:


Mosaic wall art of city skyline

Manhattan Skyline – Jim Sanders

Local Artists

Artisan 179 features a variety of resident artists across our restaurant, with many unique art pieces in the dining room for guests to enjoy. In addition to expressing art through food, drinks, and our musicians, our dining room is stimulating and engaging through the wide selection of art pieces that are displayed. Artwork that is on display is available for purchase!

Some of the local artists on exhibit are as follows:

  • Marilee Shepard
  • Joyce Eesley
  • Tony Melchoir
  • Jim Sanders
  • Sandy Wagner
  • Lee Appleby
  • Joe Yang
  • Alisa Kenas
  • Jeanine Gaynor
  • Danea O'Dell
  • ...and more!